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About Ellis Mae.

I write books about emotional growth and healing with a sprinkle of romance. I've moved more times than I can count and skateboard every weekend. I enjoy eating and playing video games when I'm not staring at blank pages that need to be filled with poetic musings.

Dawn Cutler-Tran author of They Were Roommates

I read A LOT of books, but this one? This one really touched me.

John and Isamu are both incredibly well-developed characters, with struggles and strengths I both connected with and learned from throughout their story.

The rep is beautifully done and clearly well researched. Everyone from the main characters to the side characters to even Inu, the service dog, have so much personality it felt like sitting down with a group of friends every time I opened the book.

I’ve read both of Ellis Mae’s other works, and theirs just something about the way they portray trauma, healing, family and friends that makes me feel seen while simultaneously aching to get just a little bit more out of this life - to feel just a little bit more.

The flawlessly poetic verse gripped me from the first sentence to the last, while the dialogue was strategically used, biting in places and witty and touching in others.

I still think about these characters and actively miss their company which to me is the sign of a book well done.

Pit Stop


When Isamu Miura returns home on medical discharge from the military, he finds his childhood best friend busy with a new relationship, and his father packing up to return to Japan. With only Inu, his trusted service dog, left at his side, he plans to outfit a camper van to travel across the country. There’s just one problem. The only guy in town who can help wants nothing to do with him, his dog, or his dreams.

Unlike Isamu, John Love doesn't consider himself a dreamer. A car accident took his mother way too soon, and he has all but lost his father to alcoholism. All he wants is to work his mechanic job to pay for school and leave everything else behind. Adding more work by helping out Isamu is the last thing he wants.

When a friend convinces John to take the job, will he find something, or someone, worth dreaming for?

Only if Isamu can prove that John is more than just a pit stop on everyone else’s path.

Cover PitStop kindle front.jpg

Hard As Steel

Progress Pride Flag.png

Are you tired of seeing the same portrayal of "Bad Boys" in media? Have you ever wondered what the "Bad Boy: himself is thinking? My story "Underneath the Bad Boy" dives into those ideas in this anthology along with other authors covering their own portrayals of the Bad Boy trope.

Hard as Steel is a Pittsburgh anthology exclusive to the Authors in the Steel City event.

This limited time anthology gives you ten short stories by ten talented authors. Stories range from Women's Fiction to Romance and the Steel City.

Fifty percent of the royalties from ebook and paperback sales will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation.


For more information on this charity, you can visit their website at:

Hard as Steel.jpg

The Hills We Run From

Edinburgh has always seemed like a magical place; with its rolling hills and towering abodes, everything seems possible. Perhaps, its just magical enough that Saatchi, illustrious marathon runner and notorious college student, can finally leave her past grievances beneath her thrumming feet. Even newcomer Emmylou, running away from an oppressive past, may be able to find exactly what she's been missing out on in from under her mother's heel. But, is it magic enough for the both of them? Or are they destined to trip before the finish line?


Saatchi just wants to run. It's all she's ever known and it's all she's ever loved. The cobblestones of Edinburgh thrumming below her feet are her only peace of mind as she grieves her past self. But she's lost all of the freedom with the mounting pressure to make her once adored hobby a career.


Emmylou is on the run. She's finally put herself first and decided to take a leap of faith that's led her to a country she's never even visited, all to escape a controlling mother. The problem is, she thought it'd be easy once she made that leap but, instead, it's only made her realize she's just as lost as before.

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